The Gadgette Christmas gift guide for fitness fanatics

Make an offering at the temple that is their body

It seems lately that almost everyone is concerned to some degree with how fit they are, and we all know someone that has become truly, enviably committed to a healthy lifestyle. Whether they’re keeping an eye on what they eat, or pulling on their trainers every morning for a gruelling pre-work run, we have to admire them. If they’re finding it difficult and you want to make their lifestyle change a little easier, or you just want to give them a gift that will allow them to get even more enjoyment out of a hobby they really love, we’ve put together this gift guide of fitness-related tech you can gift this Christmas.

8) Headphones

A good pair of headphones is a workout essential; no matter what exercise you’re doing having a good soundtrack playing can push you further and harder than you thought you were capable of. Of course, when you’re constantly moving and sweating your headphone requirements are slightly different to those you have for sitting behind your desk and working. You want something sweat proof, wireless, and likely to actually stay put inside your ears so that you’re not constantly having to readjust them. The best sports headphones will be barely noticeable.

We’ve got two suggestions, one from either end of the price spectrum. First, the Veho ZS-2. Coming in at only £8 these headphones are a great secret santa gift. These light headphones are resistant to water and sweat so you don’t have to worry about going out for a run in the pouring rain. The cord is designed to be tangle proof which takes some of the annoyance out of them not being wireless and although the sound quality isn’t of the highest standard, it’s certainly not bad and for £8 what do you expect? You can find them with free delivery on Amazon.

On the other end of the scale we have the Jabra Sport Pulse headphones. These are more than just earphones, coming with a built-in heart rate monitor and a virtual personal trainer. They’re wireless, waterproof, and able to give audio feedback on your pulse rate via their Android and iOS compatible app. You can also choose a workout through the app and a virtual personal trainer will push you through with encouragement and updates. These are great headphones for any runner in your life. They usually come in anywhere between £149 and £199 but we’ve found a great deal on them on Argos for £99. It’s not cheap, but you’re getting a lot of tech for what you’re paying.

7) Smartphone leggings

We wrote about these leggings that have launched on Kickstarter just recently. Featuring a pocket that will fit and hold almost any size of smartphone, these leggings are useful for anyone that likes or needs to have their phone on their person through even the hardest workout. They’re on Kickstarter until Christmas, so if you’re looking for a gift you’ll be just in time.

6) Nutribullet

In the fitness world liquefied equates to healthy. At least that’s the impression we get considering the popularity of shakes and juices that range in colour from chalky enough to dry up your mouth or so green you wonder if the Hulk has peed into a bottle. No doubt if you’ve got a fitness fanatic in your life, they’ve at some point mentioned a protein shake or juicing so you know they’ll be happy with the gift of a Nutribullet which will allow them to create their favourite healthy drinks at home in only 10 seconds. The Nutribullet is compact, promises to reduce waste, and its blades are strong enough to pummel nuts and seeds into liquid submission. It even comes with a recipe book for those lacking inspiration. You can find it on Lakeland for £79.99.

5) Joseph Joseph Triscale

When you’re making all of these juices and smoothies you’re going to want to be able to measure your protein powders and other ingredients. When it comes to fitness accuracy and not over-doing it are key. That’s why we love this handy kitchen scale, which folds up neatly to save space in your kitchen, and could be easily thrown into your bag for when you’re on the go. It has an LCD display, touch controls, and an ‘add and weigh’ function which allows you to weigh multiple ingredients in one bowl. It can also be used for baking cakes on cheat days. You can find it on Amazon for £28.79.

4) Fitness Tracker

Fitness bands are pretty much a staple in the wearables world at this point and the market is crowded. The Misfit Shine 2 is a wearable fitness tracker that looks good and performs well without breaking the bank. It can also be slipped out of its band to be worn anywhere on your body, which is great for those than don’t like the idea of wearing something around their wrist whilst exercising. It’s fully waterproof so it can be used for water sports, and through its app you can track steps, calories, and your sleep, all whilst receiving smart notifications and tracking your fitness improve over time. It has a great battery life too, coming with a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months without charging. You can find the Misfit Shine 2 on Amazon in black or rose gold for £79.99.

3) Portable Power Bank

When you’re using your phone to support your fitness tracker, your headphones, and play your music as well as relying on it for phonecalls, emails, and internet access, it’s unsurprising that no battery life will ever be good enough. That’s why we suggest a good power bank, so that fitness fanatics can go from work to the gym without having to worry about whether their phone will die before they can get the whole way through their workout. We like the Oneplus powerbank; it’s thin and light, so you won’t grudge carrying it along with your gym kit. You can buy it from the Oneplus website in white or black for £13.99.

2) Smart Scale

It’s no longer enough just to have standard bathroom scales, you need a smart scale. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale is able to measure weight, body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI)so that users aren’t missing a single detail of their fitness journey whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, or gaining weight. This Wi-Fi enabled scale allows users to set goals and track their progress by automatically uploading stats to a personalised Fitbit dashboard through WiFi. On this dashboard that you can access from your computer or via a free smartphone app, you can track your eating and exercise habits, see your progress, and be awarded badges for reaching goals. It can recognise up to 8 users and comes in black or white. You can find it on Amazon for £79.

1) Spiraliser

There’s a serious enthusiasm for raw food right now; no doubt you’ve seen pictures of perfectly formed courgetti on your Instagram feed that, worryingly, looks just as delicious as regular spaghetti. If you have anyone in your life that’s all over the raw food trend and would probably love to try making spaghetti out of every vegetable under the sun, or maybe they’d just like to make their salads a little more aesthetically pleasing, we recommend a spiraliser. This spiraliser on Amazon is £25.36, dishwasher safe, and can turn vegetables into thin spaghetti, thick noodles, or ribbons to make the low-carb lifestyle a little more bearable. I know I’d eat more vegetables if they looked like ribbons.