In this videogame a city is the protagonist

It makes a change from scruffy white guys

A Place for the Unwilling is a game in which the main protagonist is a city. It’s a city that’s very much alive, a city whose residents are its lifeblood, coursing through the streets that are its veins. But as a city that lives, it can also die.

The main idea behind A Place for the Unwilling seems to be that you take control of a character and explore this city over a series of days. There are no puzzles and no combat, just dozens of narratives to uncover through interacting with other characters and a narrative of your own to create where you play a role in the fate of the city.

The developers, AlPixel Games, haven’t really released much detailed information on what playing the game will be like but they have likened the gameplay to psychological horror game Pathologic, and the side quests of Majora’s Mask without the fighting and time-rewinding. From this, the other tidbits of gameplay information that has been revealed in the TIG Forums, and the city’s own monologue on this game’s announcement page, we imagine A Place for the Unwilling will be a game where events will take place over a set number of in-game days.

Considering there are to be no puzzles or combat, we imagine challenges will arise from trying to gather information from various characters at key moments in these in-game days. We’re imagining an organic narrative progression that moves regardless of player pace, like Pathologic, so that different players take different things from it. It’s amazing how much your mind can run away with you when you’re given such teasing information on a game.

One of the most exciting parts of the game is its gorgeous art style. Just look at it, it really grabs your interest.

This art style will no doubt be one of the most important elements in achieving the desired character for the city, in showing that it has a life and soul of its very own. From the images that have been released, it all looks incredibly detailed and atmospheric and there’s definitely some Victorian architectural inspiration.

If you’re as interested in A Place for the Unwilling as we are, you can follow the game’s development here; the developers are hoping to be able to release monthly updates with another one expected in the next couple of weeks.

Images © AlPixel Games