The new Pokémon that’s been announced is a franchise first

It's like a really aggressive kettle

An intrepid explorer has been working hard, because a new Pokémon has been discovered! The Pokémon company has officially announced the 721st entry in the Pokédex, and it’s something a little different.

Volcanion is the first Pokémon to be both a fire type and a water type, and it combines these elements to create steam, “expelling explosive shock waves and boiling steam from the arms on its back.” Apparently the power in its attacks is “great enough to blow away an entire mountain, gouging out the earth and changing the shape of the land.” Like a volcano. Geddit? You can see Volcanion in action in its official launch video below:

You might have actually heard about Volcanion all the way back in 2013, when hackers trawled through the code for Pokémon X and Y and uncovered 3 previously unheard of Pokémon . After this we pretty much knew everything there was to know about Volcanion, including the fact that it’s particularly weak to rock, ground, and electric types. But it’s nice to have it confirmed with some official artwork and a trailer.

So, Volcanion. Number 721. Kind of looks like a kettle, kind of like a stargate, somehow still awesome. It’s not yet clear how the Pokémon Company plans to distribute Volcanion since according to the official announcement it can’t be encountered through regular gameplay, but we’ll update with any news.

Main Image © the Pokemon Company