Geeky find of the week: spellbook purse

Accio library card!

Our geeky find of the week this week is a purse that would probably make Hermione Granger seethe with envy – it’s a spellbook purse. Unfortunately this purse doesn’t come with any invisible extension charms, nor has it been improved with any spells of money conjuring (we wish) but it does look awesome. The purse contains four large pockets, two of them with zips, as well as a see-through ID pocket and fourteen card slots, the perfect place to keep all your mage guild membership cards.

The purse also comes with a wrist strap if you’d rather carry it on its own and want to keep its contents secure from any light-fingered muggles. The spellbook purse is available from ThinkGeek for $29.99 (around £20) and will qualify for their international economy shipping. Pair it with this magical flame prop of doom and you’ll be the envy of the magical community.