The Gadgette gift guide for parents of geeky kids

For the mini-geeks (and maybe even the not-so-mini ones)

It’s officially Christmas shopping time, and although we reckon you’ll have already bought at least some presents, there are always those family members that are tricky to shop for. Case in point: your geeky kids. We’ve featured a few awesome toys on our site throughout the year, but here’s a list of even more awesome toys and gadgets that your child(ren) will love. From the astronomy geeks to the Pokemon geeks to the animation geeks, there’s something for every tiny geek/future Gadgette reader 😉

10. Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition

If you’re tired of having to fiddle with the parental controls on your tablet whenever your kid begs to use it, why not get them their own tablet? Amazon’s Kindles are well-loved by adults, and the kids’ version comes with its own case and is just as awesome for games, books, apps, TV shows, and more. If you own a Kindle yourself, you can sync your account with your kid’s and choose which content they can access from your library.

If you have more than one child, you can create individual “profiles” for each of them so they can all share the same tablet but still have it be individualised. Bonus: For the first two years, Amazon will replace any broken Kindle, no questions asked. You no longer have to watch in horror as your child runs around the house with your tablet in one hand and a glass of orange in the other.

£79.99 at Amazon. An HD version is available for £99.99, but we prefer the non-HD one because it has a microSD slot.

9. Stargazer Gift Box

Perfect for children who are really into astronomy, this kit includes astronaut ice cream, space ship cookie cutters, a 2015 Guide to the Night Sky Book, and a portable “Stellarscope” on which you can set an hour and date and see the stars and constellations that are visible at that specific time. While a telescope is always a safe bet, this set is especially great because not only does the ice cream allow children to further act the role of astronaut, but you and your kid(s) will also have a great time baking astronaut-themed cookies together. Aww.

8. Robot Girl Lottie

We love dolls that tell girls that it’s cool to be smart, and the Lottie dolls do exactly that. Lottie’s occupations range from Karate Student to Fossil Hunter to (the pictured) Robotics Engineer, proving to young girls that you can be anything you want to be. Robot Girl Lottie even has a robot shirt and a hoodie with atoms on it to prove that she is a pro at this robot stuff. If Robot Girl Lottie is looking for a friend, we suggest Super Lottie, who was actually designed by a real six-year-old girl!

£16.99 at Lottie. We also like the Busy Lizzie the Robot accessory set for double the robotics fun.

7. BB-8 Droid

As previously written about by our gamer-in-chief, if your kid is a Star Wars fan, then they’ll love this, although it’s still a pretty cool gadget for the non-Star Wars geeks. This BB-8 toy was created by the same people who designed the full-sized BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so it’s pretty darn accurate.

After connecting the toy with an app (available on both iOS and Android), your BB-8 can be controlled by your tablet, smartphone, or even just your voice. There’s also an option to record and replay your own holographic recordings. The coolest part about this toy though is that it develops its own personality over time, even roaming around on its own when set to “Patrol” mode.

£129.99 at Zavvi

6. Super Dough DIY Batman Modeling Set

A nice side gift or stocking suffer for any Batman fan, this small kit has the clay, tools, and instructions necessary to guide you in turning your lumps of dough into the Caped Crusader himself! While this might be a bit too simple for your older kids, we reckon it’ll be a fun way for the youngsters to keep themselves busy on Christmas day while you get the Christmas dinner ready. Although ThinkGeek is sold out of most of the options, the Batmobile set is also still available (same link, same price).

£10 (including Economy shipping) at ThinkGeek

5. Build-A-Bear Pikachu

We’ve already given Build-A-Bear Pikachu his own article, but he’s just so cute and perfect for any mini-geek that of course he belonged on here! As it says in the original piece, you can either buy a giftcard that will “reserve” your own Pikachu (which you can presumably build in store yourself), or order an already-built version that comes with an online-exclusive Charizard hoodie and 6-in-1 Pikachu sound. We bet even your (technically) adult children will be super jealous of their younger siblings if you get them this. After all, who doesn’t still dream of having their own Pikachu?

£21 (standard) or £45 (online special edition) at Build-A-Bear

4. Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator Animation Studio

This is for the slightly older kids (recommended age suitability 8+) who are into Minecraft and/or interested in animation. The set comes with 4 mini-figures, 4 different backgrounds, a movie “stage,” 15 props, and a phone/tablet holder. After downloading a free app onto your device, your child can stage, shoot, and edit their own stop motion film(s). Additional mini-figures are also separately sold for a wider range of possible storylines. For any child who’s into basic animation, this is a great way to start making their own stop motion films using a game that everyone knows.

£28.09 at Amazon

3. Lift-the-Flap Computers and Coding book

If your child is into computers and figuring out how they work, then why not get them started with the basics of coding? What’s great about the book is that it doesn’t focus on one specific programming language, so your kid will get a general overview of how coding works. The book is designed with flaps that need to be lifted to reveal the inner-workings of a computer, so it’s not just a learning experience, but a fun interactive one at that.

£6.99 at Amazon

2. Thor’s Hammer 3D Light

Both fun and functional, this 3D light is shaped like Thor’s hammer and can be put up in any Marvel-loving kid’s room. It’s also great for you (the parent) because the light uses LEDs, which means that you don’t have to change any bulbs and that it’ll never get too hot. The light comes with a cracked wall decal so it really looks like the God of Thunder has flung his hammer across the room.

£34.95 at Red5. If Thor isn’t your child’s favourite Avenger, there’re also lights for Iron Man, the Hulk, and Captain America.

1. LEGO Star Wars: Millennium Falcon

Legos are great gifts for any kid of any age, but this Millennium Falcon is especially cool. In addition to the blocks necessary for the actual Falcon, the set also comes with 6 mini-figures and a variety of cool mini-weapons. This new updated Falcon boasts (among other things) a detachable cockpit, rotating top and bottom laser turrets, and a super-detailed interior that includes a secret compartment. And come on, we all know you’re secretly hoping your child will ask you to help them build this.

£94.99 at Amazon

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