Domo-kun doughnuts exist and we want to eat them

Bite his teeth with yours

If you love Japanese pop culture icon Domo-kun as much as I do:


Then you’ll be as excited as I was to find out that he’s now available in doughnut form.

Created by ‘donutterie’ Dum Dum Doughnuts – apparently the UK’s leading doughnut brand (although to be fair we can’t think of another British one) – the Domo-nuts come in a Christmassy box of 9 doughnuts for £20. Adorably named The Santa Domonut, Abominable Domonut and Rudolph the Red Nosed Domonut, they’re made by hand with natural ingredients and presumably taste like my dreams.

Dum Dum have also made some ridiculously cute Christmassy snowman doughnuts:

And a Baileys yule log (OMG):

You can get the limited edition seasonal Dum Dums offerings from any of their London stores (Brick Lane, Boxpark, Harrods and Westfield Stratford) or online. But you’ll have to fight me for them.

Holly Brockwell
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