This digital face mask could change the way you take care of your skin

It could also be the missing piece in your Phantom of the Opera costume

Sometimes I feel like trying to take care of my skin is like trying to take care of a baby; it acts up, becomes irritated, and as much as I want to help it it can’t tell me what’s best for it, so I end up trying everything until it behaves itself again. Considering the needs of your skin change daily, depending on hydration, weather, skin type, hormones, all manner of things, it can be difficult to find a routine and products that will work consistently. It’s always possible to get professional analysis of your skin’s condition, but this can be expensive and not everyone has the time. It’s cheaper and easier to just go through a few bad skin days and wait for things to improve.

Fortunately, a new campaign launched on Kickstarter could be a way to make difficult skin a little easier to manage. From Paris-based company Wired Beauty, MAPO is a Bluetooth connected digital face mask that allows users to easily collect and analyse data on their skin whenever they please.

The mask, which has been in development for two years, is made using a 3D reconstruction of images of the wearer’s face so that it fits perfectly and uses tiny digital sensors to scan the skin. Taking into account things like skin type, physiology, and environment the mask then sends information such as moisture and stress levels to the companion smartphone app.

Apparently scanning takes less than a minute, and when the process is done the app can give product recommendations that will complement your skin. Wired Beauty aren’t connected to any beauty product companies, so these suggestions should be completely legitimate and not commission-driven. As well as analysing your skin, the mask can ‘boost’ whatever skin cream you’re wearing by heating up your forehead and cheeks to around 40 degrees. The creators say this heat increases the efficiency of things like moisturisers in these areas by opening pores, increasing blood flow, and helping the product to absorb into the skin’s upper layers more effectively.

It’s highly doubtful this is something that you’d use every day but it seems like a great way to start an effective skin care routine and easily adjust it when it stops suiting your skin’s temperamental needs without having to make constant trips back and forth to your dermatologist. More than once my skin has broken out for no discernible reason or deviation from my routine, leaving me feeling betrayed and broken so it’d be nice to be able to pop on this mask and, if not pre-empt these problems, at the very least have a way of saying “what’s wrong with you and how can I fix you?”

Wired Beauty are hoping to raise around £29,069 from their Kickstarter campaign in order to industrialise the mask, with an aim to deliver the mask worldwide in June 2016. So far they’ve raised around £3478, but there’s still 43 days to go.

If you’d love to get your hands on this interesting piece of beauty tech when it’s released, you can contribute around £145. This will get you a personally fited MAPO mask to keep at 33% off the final retail price, a choice of a white, beige, or pink mask, and a cosmetics case. If you’d like to try it, but not commit to keeping it, a contribution of £65 will get you one of the masks for a period of 6 months.

Images via Kickstarter