Turn your phone into a lightsaber with this fun browser game

"Use the phone, Luke!"

We told you about a handy Chrome extension yesterday that will save you the pain of Star Wars spoilers, but now we’ve got something even better. As if you weren’t already distracted from work by Christmas and the release of The Force Awakens (Nerd Christmas), this Chrome Experiment game turns your smartphone into a lightsaber and lets you battle storm troopers on your computer screen. It is, unsurprisingly, quite addictive.

To play, all you have to do is launch Chrome on your desktop or laptop, go to this link, and follow the instructions for connecting to your smartphone. You don’t even have to download anything, it’s all browser based. It kind of works in the same way as this browser-based console we loved. Once everything is connected and calibrated, your phone becomes the hilt of a lightsaber, the sword appears on screen, and you begin your battle with hordes of Stormtroopers in your attempt to escape a Star Destroyer.

After a quick tutorial, the game sends you on your way, having you take out Stormtroopers by deflecting their shots back at them. Aiming isn’t their strong suit, but then again, I’ve now found deflection isn’t really mine. It can be frustrating at first trying to control your lightsaber with any kind of precision but when you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself progressing at least a little faster.

There are one-on-one battles, too, because what’s a game without a Boss to scream at?

Developed by Google, Disney, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic to celebrate the latest Star Wars film, the game actually looks pretty good; it’s well-rendered, the sound effects are great, and it’s really quite immersive. For a free browser game, it’s definitely worth trying. All of my escape attempts have gone quickly and drastically wrong thus far, but I’ll get there. Jedi in training.