Twitter Japan is making Vines out of Christmas boxes, and we could watch them all day

Merry Boxmas, everyone

We spent a good portion of yesterday mesmerised by this Vine:

The way they walk. The sound. The way that little one runs after the pigeon…! It’s so perfect, and we watched it again and again.

But where did it come from? What did it mean? And where could we find more?

After a bit of digging, we found out that this Vine was created by Twitter Japan as part of their #ChristmasBox campaign. And yes, there were more – lots more!

The ducks one is still our favourite, though.

So why are Twitter Japan making these adorable little mini-movies? One of the people working on the campaign told us the objective is simple: “To increase happy Tweets during the holiday season on Twitter.” That’s it. They just want to make you smile.

There’s also a website where you can tweet gifts to your friends, and win things from big brands – plus a whole set of ads for the campaign on the Japanese subway:

There are even more Vines on their account. If anyone needs us, we’ll be watching those box-ducks over and over again ❤️.

Holly Brockwell
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