Want to be a woman in the games industry? Check out this scholarship

Be the increase in representation you want to see

At this point, we’re all quite aware that the games industry is in dire need of more women. There are so many reasons having more women creating games is a positive thing. It provides more female role models in the industry, it could lead to less half-arsed excuses for sexualisation like this; diverse work forces make diverse games, and I hardly think this needs pointing out, but encouraging more women is just the right fucking thing to do.

Fortunately, we have progress! In partnership with King Digital Entertainment, Diversi, a Swedish non-profit dedicated to bringing more diversity to the gaming industry, has launched a scholarship for women interested in pursuing a career in the games industry. The scholarship is open to all female-identifying students pursuing a degree in the EU and considering a future in the games industry. The aim is to increase the representation of women at industry events, thereby giving women the opportunity to grow their network, exchange ideas and ease the transition from student life to work life.

10 students have the chance to win the scholarship which will grant them an all access pass to the Game Developers Conference 2016 in San Francisco, where all of their travel and accommodation will be covered so that they can attend talks, workshops, Q&A sessions, and networking events.

If you identify as a woman, study in the EU, and dream of working in the games industry, you can follow this link and enter the competition now. It’s a great opportunity to travel and meet people and God knows, we’d love to see more women making the games we love!