All we wanted for Christmas in 2005

Could you BE any more on trend?

The third in our series – check out 1985 and 1995.

Britney was preggers, Destiny’s Child called it a day and Brad and Angelina were hooking up on the sly – 2005 was a big year in celeb land and an even bigger year for tech as we know it today, thanks to the launch of a little-known site called YouTube. The mid-00s also heralded the dawn of the reality TV era, with that year’s Christmas number one coming from Shayne Ward, who won X-Factor back when people actually cared about X-Factor. This is what was on our Christmas lists in magical 2005.

Juicy Tracksuits

Thigh-skimming velour in garish colours wasn’t the most flattering attire – and that’s before we’ve even gotten to the massive emblazoned lettering across the ass – but it was the downtime wear of choice for noughties slebs and so it was a must-have. We might have looked atrocious but at least it was comfy as hell.


image via Flickr © PatM2007

They got horrendously smelly and did absolutely nothing for your spinal health, but Uggs were undoubtedly the fashionable footwear choice of 2005, and because you could spot fakes a mile off they had to be the real deal, unfortunately for your parents’ bank balance.

XBox 360

image via wikicommons

A decade after the gaming world was set alight with the release of the Sony PlayStation, the Xbox 360 stormed onto the scene and made consoles accessible to all with a host of online and multimedia features. Let’s not talk about the Red Ring of Death, though.

iPod Nano

image via wikipedia © AlistairMcMillan

Designed to replace the chunky and cumbersome iPod Mini, the iPod Nano was a revolution in personal music players, with a colour screen and measuring a teeny tiny 6.9mm in thickness. The first generation was only available with up to 4GB storage, so music fans would still have to um and ah over which albums to upload.


While broadband didn’t really take hold in the UK until 2006, the era of MySpace and Friendster meant getting your mug online was of utmost importance, and a webcam was vital for chatting to friends and the internet pals you met in chatrooms (before things got all weird and creepy – and before your mum needed to use the house phone).

A Paul Frank handbag

image via Amazon

Paul Frank’s cartoon monkey design was one of the most iconic of the 00s, and the slew of accompanying merchandise featured all kinds of belts, bags and buckles. A Paul Frank handbag showed you were on trend while taking a playful nod at colourful pop punk culture (in a totally ironic way, of course).

A Friends DVD Boxset

image via Amazon

Our six favourite friends left our lives forever in 2004, so come 2005 we were clearing space on our shelves in anticipation for the complete series 1-10 DVD boxset. Every 00’s girl worth her salt had the collection proudly on display – and could probably quote each episode line by line. WHOOPAH!

Pink Converse

Sure, regular Converse were alright, but pink Converse were even better, letting the world know you were on-trend in your own unique kooky way. Who else’s parents despaired when you started doodling emo song lyrics on them in biro?


GHDs completely revolutionised the 00s hair game, and we felt like proper grown-ups graduating to these from the usual Babyliss fare. These were an absolute must for achieving that not-at-all flattering but somehow extremely popular long-strands-of-hair-around-the-face look.

Now 62

image via wikipedia

What a year for music 2005 was. Sugababes, The Pussycat Dolls, Kelly Clarkson, Westlife and the likes of Simon Webbe and Rachel Stevens were setting the charts on fire, and even though music TV and online streaming was very much a thing by then, you still secretly hoped for the latest Now release so you’d have all the top tunes in one place.

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