This smartphone brand has its own café

So of course we tried it out

Would you dine at a Sony Xperia restaurant? Dance at an HTC disco? Or sup coffee in an Honor café?

That last one isn’t the fruit of our imagination. It actually exists in Shenzhen, China – home of supermassive tech company Huawei and their consumer-friendly (and easier to pronounce) sub-brand, Honor.

The Honor Café is a 24-hour coffee shop with a side order of tech. You can try out Honor’s various smartphones (including our favourite, the Honor 7) and take a look at their growing wearables collection. We dropped in while we were in China for Honor’s second birthday, and found a sizeable group of smartphone fans casually hanging out in the equivalent of Applebucks.

Emblazoned with the brand’s motto, “For the brave,” the café also has a reading room and various places to engage with Honor on social media. You can’t buy products directly from the café but they’re all on display for you to try out while you enjoy your flat white. Alternatively, ignore the whole branding thing and just drink your coffee in the circular reading pit.

Honor may not be a big name on the UK tech scene just yet, but given the level of brand love it’s garnered in just 24 months in China, we think it’s set for a bright future over here. With all the manufacturing muscle of Huawei (makers of the Nexus 6P), a brand aimed squarely at digital natives (albeit with some dodgy advertising) and pricing that seems almost too good to be true, it’s a strong contender for UK consumers’ hearts.

While we were at their birthday celebrations in Shenzhen, we got a glimpse of what the brand’s got lined up for its next few product releases – and while we can’t tell you about it yet, Honor is definitely a brand to keep an eye on. Whether you’re a coffee fan or not.

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