This week, we’re bringing you all the most exciting new tech straight from Las Vegas


Every January, right when everyone’s feeling chubby and poor from Christmas, something massive happens in Las Vegas. Yep, even bigger than Britney’s show – it’s CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, now just an acronym that means “tech heaven.” It’s run by the Consumer Technology Association, and is a pretty big deal: over 150,000 people are attending this year. Including us!

All the tech giants converge here to make big announcements – LG, Samsung, Sony, HTC and the rest – but thousands of companies from around the world come to show off their products too, from one-person startups to Kickstarter-funded household names. There are entire halls devoted to robotics, 3D printing, virtual reality – all the most exciting areas of technology right now.

We’ll be making our way around the show this week (5th to the 8th of January), bringing you all the newest, most exciting and most ridiculous tech we can find, right from the show floor. Can we top last year’s self-driving rollerskates? Yes we can.

You’ll find all our CES coverage here, or keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages. There’ll be YouTube videos too – subscribe to be the first to know what kinds of amazing inventions we’re all going to want in our homes this year. Bring on the robots!

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