Turn your iPad into a MacBook with these beautiful Bluetooth keyboards #CES2016

"Putting a cheap keyboard on your iPad is like bolting steel rims to your Porsche"

This week, we’re at the enormous tech tradeshow CES 2016 in Las Vegas, bringing you the latest, coolest and most exciting new technology straight from the show floor. Find out more here, and see what we’ve covered so far here

We did a bit of a double-take when we saw Brydge’s table at CES. What are these hybrid Apple laptops?

Turned out they’re not laptops at all – they’re iPads. With Brydge’s magnetic Bluetooth keyboard attached, though, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

The keyboards attach easily with magnetic hinges, which are strong enough to pick up the ‘laptop’ by its screen (if you must) but also really easy to detach. The keyboards are available for the iPad Air, Mini and Pro, and come in the same colours: Silver, Space Grey and Gold. They use Bluetooth 4.0 and, depending on which model you get, have extras like backlit keys and stereo speakers.

Brydge Keyboards are available in the UK (yay) with free delivery, sent from a UK warehouse (so there’s no import fee to pay). They cost between £90 and £130ish (we’re converting from dollars) depending which model you go for – but they all feel sturdy, excellent quality, and give you an impressive hybrid MacBook that Apple will probably never make. Find out more on the website.

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