This alarm clock wakes you up with smells instead of sound #CES2016

Make mornings smell like chocolate

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Literally no one likes alarm clocks. Waking up to a blaring siren is about as fun as smacking yourself in the head with a kipper, and setting your alarm tone to your favourite song just makes you hate that song.

But what if you could wake up to a smell? The delicious aroma of chocolate, the sharp smell of mint, or the bracing scent of the seaside?

The Sensorwake alarm clock lets you do that, using scent cartridges – like printer ink but for smells. We met its creators at CES, and they told us that it’s a much gentler way to wake up, easing you into the day rather than jolting you out of bed. We’re a little skeptical as to whether a smell would be enough to get you up and moving – I can sleep through Rage Against the Machine – but the makers told us Sensorwake also has a backup sound alarm in case you don’t stir.

Image: Sensorwake

We had a good sniff of the cartridges, and while they’re not all completely accurate (‘toast’ just smelt kind of burny to me, more like roasted coffee than tanned Hovis), some of them are really nice – the Christmas scent smells amazing, for instance. “Wake up to the smell of Christmas!” – this thing sells itself.

I’m not sure I’d want to wake up to food smells, anyway. It’d be a bit sad to open your eyes to the delicious aroma of a freshly-baked croissant, and then find your kitchen empty because your housemate forgot to go to Aldi again. If I’m smelling food, I want to eat that food. Seasides and seasons I can get on board with, though.

We think Sensorwake is a really cool idea – way more interesting than your usual alarm clocks, and hopefully a step in the right direction towards tech that can engage all of our senses.

After a successful Kickstarter, Sensorwake is now available for preorder, delivering around June 2016. It ships to the UK, and an alarm clock plus 3 scent packs costs $137.70, or about £94 including delivery. You use one scent pack per month, and they cost $10.90 (about £7.50) each. Get one on the Sensorwake website here.

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