This Bluetooth keyboard is made out of a single piece of wood #CES2016

We wood like one

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We weren’t the only ones to race over to Orée’s stand at CES when we set eyes on the Board 2, a stunning handcrafted wooden keyboard: pretty much everyone fell in love with it. There’s something incredibly satisfying about new-school tech made from old-school materials.

The Board 2 is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard handcrafted from a block of either maple or walnut, preserving the grain across the keys before being sanded and varnished so it doesn’t wear down quickly or stain. There’s a Mac and a Windows version (different key placements) and accessories include a touchpad with number keys, and a gorgeous real leather tablet stand/case.

Obviously, making products out of wood is a bit of an environmental issue, but Orée say their wood is well-sourced: it comes “from family-owned forests located in the Eastern part of France (maple from Doubs, walnut from Isère). They are not used for intensive production purposes so sustainability labels are not applicable but the families growing them carefully manage their natural resources for future generations.” Whether that sets your mind at rest or not is up to you, but they do also use recycled leather for the tablet stand.

Unsurprisingly, a handcrafted wooden keyboard isn’t cheap: the Board 2 will run you $190 (about £130). There’s also a really beautiful “Romance Edition” that marks out the initials of you and your sweetheart in red letters on the keyboard. Aww.

The Orée Board 2 is available now from the Orée website, and shipping to the UK costs $30 (about £20). While you’re there, check out the lovely marble and wood wireless charging mats.

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