Geeky find of the week: cosplay catsuits

Suit up!

Some of the greatest cosplays out there require a good catsuit. Whether you’re using it as the full outfit for characters like Catwoman, Black Widow, or Mystique or you’re using it as the base for your armour for a space warrior like Samus Aran or your favourite Dragon Age character, they’re a pretty essential part of your wardrobe.

That’s why we’re so excited to see that Living Dead Clothing have launched their very own cosplay catsuit collection. The collection, modelled by famous cosplayer Eve Beauregard, features 14 catsuits which range from chainmail, to a cyborg pattern, to bubblegum pink PVC and more besides.

The catsuits come in sizes XS to XL, and cost $120 AUD (around £58) and international shipping is free. You can check out the collection here. It’s great to see cosplaying outfits become more accessible, why do we even bother wearing our everyday clothes with stuff like this available?

Images via Living Dead Clothing