Hasbro finally notices they left the main character out of Star Wars Monopoly

Spoiler alert

Following some serious backlash from fans for leaving main character Rey out of their Star Wars: The Force Awakens Monopoly game, backlash which even involved its own hashtag #WheresRey, Hasbro have now decided to include her in the game.

HasBRO’s original response to complaints that the set featured 4 male characters, including Darth Vader who isn’t even in The Force Awakens, was that they thought featuring Rey would reveal the extent of the importance of her character, which would be a spoiler crime conscionable only by the Dark Side. As you know, Monopoly special editions frequently intricately follow the plots of the films they tie in with so Hasbro were absolutely justified.

They’ve backtracked slightly, however, on this justification tweeting that they loved the fan “passion” for Rey and have now decided to include her in the game later this year, now that that undisclosed period of spoiler revelation etiquette it was critical they abide by has officially ended. They didn’t specify exactly when Rey would be included, just that she would be.

This isn’t the only merchandise that Rey has been left out of; a pack of action figures omitted Rey in favor of an un-named Resistance pilot, and a Millennium Falcon set only thought to put in Chewbacca and John Boyega’s Finn even though Rey is the naturally gifted pilot who flies the bloody ship. This isn’t the first time female heroes have been left out of action figure sets, either; Gamora and the Black Widow were left out of Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers sets. Maybe that’s because it’s well known that it’s mainly boys that are associated with playing with dolls; the girls just aren’t interested.

Really, there’s no excuse for the absence of Rey. She’s the film’s main character, she’s the awakening of the force, she’s an awesome sci-fi character role model, and she shouldn’t be a Monopoly box afterthought.

Via The Verge