You could soon be controlling your BB-8 droid with a wearable

It's about as close as you'll get to using the Force

Remember back in September when we all fell in love with Sphero’s remote controlled BB-8 droid? Since its launch BB-8 has somehow only gotten cooler, receiving an update that allowed him to project holograms of your favourite The Force Awakens characters. But with Sphero’s next update, he’s probably going to reach peak awesome.

In an attempt to make you feel more like a Jedi than you ever have, Sphero are developing a motion-tracking wearable that will allow you to control BB-8’s movements with more depth and precision than the current smartphone and tablet controls allow for. Using sensitive gyroscopic motion sensors, the wristband is able to pick up your movements and transmit them to BB-8 as commands. The controls aren’t just limited to moving BB-8 around, though they will allow for that, they have a surprising degree of depth. The wearer, depending on how they move their arm/wrist/hand, will be able to do things like push and pull BB-8, steer him, and control his head movements.

The wearable is still in its prototype stages just now with no pricing available but since they’re displaying it at CES where the folks over at Gizmodo saw it in action, we’re guessing we can expect to see it later this year.

The wristband will be bundled with BB-8 droids when it becomes available, but if you already own your droid companion don’t worry, you’ll be able to pick it up separately too. The only thing that could really make Sphero’s BB-8 droids any better at this point would be for them to release full scale models. Fingers crossed for that!

You can still buy Sphero’s BB-8 over on Firebox for £129.99, but if you’d rather wait for this awesome new accessory to be bundled in we don’t blame you.

Via Gizmodo
Main Image via Firebox