This arcade game lets players actually throw Pokéballs to capture Pokémon

It's all in the wrist

I’ve always wanted to go on a Pokémon adventure, but for some reason I’ve never actually considered what my Pokéball throwing technique would be. I just hadn’t really considered it before, but now that I’ve seen this arcade game where players can throw actual Pokéballs to capture on screen Pokémon, I’ve managed to develop a complex about it. Would I twist my hat and put my whole arm into it like Ash? Would I put a spin on it like Misty? Or would I go for a more elegant devil may care throw like Cilan?

When you really think about it, throwing a Pokéball is a pretty key but under-analysed part of the whole trainer process; if you can’t master a good throw, no Pokémon for you. This game tests just how good a trainer you could be by challenging you to capture as many Pokémon as possible. Developed by Bandai Namco, the arcade game allows players to pick a starter Pokemon, although it doesn’t appear that you actually use them to battle, before picking up Pokéballs and throwing them with abandon. Or precision. Whatever your style turns out to be. Here’s a video of the Sea level in action:

The game is timed, and players who finish will receive a collectible card to keep. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you’ll find this game outside of Japan, but it’s something you should absolutely trawl arcades for if you go. And if you happened to leave with one of the Pokéballs would that be such a bad thing? I mean, I would never condone theft. But would it?

(Via Siliconera)
Main Image © Bandai Namco