This techy karaoke machine promises to make even bad singers sound great

Blasting forth with four-part harmony

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Everyone wants to be a good singer. Whether it’s belting out Celine in the shower or rapping along to Drake in the car, having the talent to express our emotions in song is a universal human dream. Sadly, biology doesn’t always play ball, and some of us (*raises hand*) sound more like fornicating foxes when we step behind the mic.

Unsurprisingly, then, we’re quite excited about Singtrix, created by the people behind the original Guitar Hero. It’s a karaoke machine that claims to “make bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing.” Yes, it’s a bit like cheating, but no more than filtering your selfie so you can’t see the under-eye bags. Not that we do that. Ahem.

We didn’t quite have the courage to step up and start getting our Amy Winehouse on on the show floor, so we left it to the Singtrix rep to show us how it works.

The machine can change your voice in real time for comedy effect:

Add harmonies:

And, more importantly, correct your pitch in a way that sounds natural but prevents you from bursting people’s eardrums. You can add reverb, delays, and more than 300 effects (!). But unlike Guitar Hero, you don’t have to choose from an existing selection of tracks, which frankly never includes Britney’s seminal “Email My Heart” (my karaoke tune of choice).

Instead, you just hook up your phone, tablet, iPod or laptop and play your own tracks. It even works with YouTube. That’s pretty impressive – although we’re not sure what the ads would sound like in four-part harmony.

Singtrix is available now in the UK from the Singtrix EU website. It’ll cost you 399 Euros (about £300) with free shipping. For that, you get the console, two mics, a mic stand and a speaker. It’s quite a lot of money to spend on pretending to be talented, but maybe you can’t put a price on releasing your inner Adele.

Personally, we’ll stick to crooning in the shower. It’s totally soundproof, right?

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