Uprosa’s gorgeous phone cases are made using real scientific images

Because science is beautiful

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British brand Uprosa, based in Oxford, have won our hearts with their stunning range of scientific phone and MacBook cases.

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Using microscopic images of everything from feathers to intestinal cells, the Uprosa team comprises graduates from Oxford and Cambridge, plus scientists from around the world who submit their images. 15% of the profits go back to the scientists to help fund their research, so you can feel good about your super-nerdy phone case.

Refreshingly, Uprosa phone cases are available for not just iPhones, but also smartphone models from HTC, Sony, LG, Microsoft and Samsung. Their MacBook cases are similarly dazzling, coming in a range of sizes and models.

Prices are standardised across models, so all the phone cases cost £19.90 regardless of which phone you have, MacBook covers are £49 and tote bags are £18.90. Postage varies depending on what you’re getting, but it’s free over £50 – slightly frustrating when the Mac cases are just a pound less!

Uprosa say that 80% of their customers have no background in science, which means they’re helping to spread knowledge of the beauty of scientific imagery to the public. It’s great to see a British company doing good things for science in a way that benefits everyone. Rock on, Uprosa.

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