Oombrella is a colourful brolly that can tell you when it’s going to rain

Maybe sometimes it lies just so it can have a day out

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We liked the Oombrella before we even knew what it did. Made from iridescent plastic, it’d certainly brighten up a rainy day – but of course it wouldn’t be on Gadgette if it didn’t have a tech angle too.

The slightly oddly-named Oombrella comes from equally oddly-named French company Wezzoo, who run a crowdsourced weather alerts service. The Oombrella tells Wezzoo where you are to enable the app to deliver hyperlocal weather alerts, so you never forget to take it out with you when it’s going to wang it down. It also apparently reports back to Wezzoo about the weather where it is.

Image: Wezzoo

Using its GPS tracker, Oombrella can send you a message if you leave it behind (like the Bluesmart suitcase). The current design is kind of massive to carry around with you all the time, so apparently a smaller version is on the way, though neither is available yet – the Oombrella will be hitting Kickstarter shortly.

Kickstarter products often ship globally so there’s a good chance the Oombrella will be available in the UK, but Wezzoo seems mostly based in France, so how much use the weather alerts would be is uncertain. We’ll be interested to see more from the connected umbrella when its crowdfunding page launches, but in the meantime you can find out more on the website.

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