Alton Towers will be the home of the UK’s first virtual reality roller coaster

And it's space-themed

Not so long ago we told you about these Tesla haptic suits that want to enhance the virtual reality experience by involving your whole body. Well, it turns out there’s another slightly less subtle way to do this, and it involves a roller coaster.

Alton Towers has announced that it will be rebranding its Air ride to become the home of the UK’s first virtual reality roller coaster called Galactica which will take riders on a high speed space adventure. Using modified Samsung Gear VR headsets for the visuals, the ride sends customers flying along a track face down with the aim of creating a full-body space travel experience. Alton Towers says that Galactica will be “the world’s first rollercoaster entirely customised for the full virtual reality experience.”

The idea behind the ride is that Alton Towers is the home of a space port belonging to a company called Galactica. Galactica are looking for capable Galactinauts to be launched into space and discover new galaxies and as soon as you sit down and put on your headset, you become one of them, going from the launch pad to the stars in an experience that lasts around three minutes.

We’re not totally sure how being on a high speed roller coaster where you can only feel the drops and turns would make us feel in terms of motion sickness, especially when you might not get the time or opportunity to adjust the headset to your specific needs, but it’s definitely an interesting idea. Alton Towers have said they’ll also offer a VR-free version of the ride if you decide the headset experience isn’t for you resulting in an experience similar to the original Air ride. Interested to see how a virtual reality coaster will work? You won’t have to wait long, the ride is expected to open in April.

Via Engadget