EA is launching a PC gaming subscription service called Origin Access

How do you feel about the promise of 'endless PC gaming' for £3.99 a month?

Xbox One users are probably familiar with Electronic Arts’ subscription service, EA Access, which allows them to access some of the company’s best games on their console for a small monthly fee. Well, EA must be quite content with how that venture is going, because now they’ve announced that a similarly named service is launching for PC games: Origin Access.

For £3.99 a month, subscribers to Origin Access will be able to download full games from the EA Vault, which at the moment holds 15 games, including The Sims 3, Dragon Age, and Battlefield 4. This isn’t exactly a massive amount but EA say they will be adding more games to the Vault over time and some of these titles will be third party games. And by the time you’ve worked your way through the Dragon Age series which I’m currently strongly advising you play, it’s pretty likely there’ll be a few more games on there. Subscribers will also get time limited access to games before they’re released. The first trial is for Unravel, coming on February 4th, and players will be able to play the first 10 hours of the game. After your pre-release trial is up, EA say that you will be able to carry your progress over and continue should you decide to purchase the game. You’ll also get 10% off any Origin purchase you make, including new releases, pre-orders, and expansions.

The service is Windows only, so no Origin Access for you Mac and Linux owners (sorry). As yet, the subscription is purely a monthly payment with no announcement of a discounted yearly subscription purchase.