Twitter UK hires Jessie Link as Head of Engineering ?

Nominative determinism at work right there

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We’re excited to hear that Twitter – who have been under fire lately for hiring someone considered ‘not diverse enough‘ as their Head of Diversity – have appointed LivingSocial’s Jessie Link as Head of Engineering in the UK.

Hailing from Washington DC, Jessie previously headed up Consumer Engineering at the local deals company, and will be joining Twitter’s London office on Monday 18th January. Her new role was temporarily filled by Tom Leitch, who runs Tweetdeck, and involves running the London Engineering team as well as defining and delivering Twitter’s suite of products. She’ll also be responsible for recruiting a talented and diverse team, and “building Twitter UK’s presence in local engineering, product and design communities.”

It’s good to see that Jessie actually uses Twitter – it’s always sad when a significant hire at the company tweets for the first time to announce their new job. She seems to be more of a retweeter than a tweeter, but is clearly passionate about coding and women in tech (as well as the NFL!).

She comments:

“Twitter has been a huge part of my life for years, so naturally I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help build the next great set of Twitter products. The UK office has a strong base of engineering talent that I believe will only continue to grow over the next few years – it’s a tremendous honour to get to lead this team as we push forward into the future.

While I’ll miss my home country, I’m looking forward to getting to immerse myself in the many wonderful cultures Europe has to offer.”

We look forward to tweets berating people who stand on the left and don’t get their Oyster card out in time.

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