The Skeye nano drone is the world’s smallest camera drone

So small you could balance it on one finger

Back in December (wow that feels like a long time ago) one of our suggested geeky gadget stocking fillers was Pico, the world’s smallest drone. Speedy, versatile, and affordable; we loved it. But we felt like it was missing something most full-size drones were able to offer: a camera to record our high-flying antics. Well, Skeye, the company behind Pico, have obviously been thinking about this because they’ve returned in 2016 with the world’s smallest camera drone.

Exclusive to Firebox, the Skeye nano camera drone is only 4cm from blade to blade and weighs just 14 grams, making the fact that it has an on-board camera pretty impressive. You fly the drone using a hand-held controller that has adjustable gyro sensitivity, so that you can decide just how much precision you want in your drone’s movements. The drone can be controlled from up to 50 metres away, but it should be remembered that increased gyro sensitivity tends to decrease range. Like the original Pico drone, the camera drone comes equipped with LED lights so you can see it buzzing around in the dark as well as ready-to-fly technology which means it’ll take off as soon as you fling it into the air. That instinct to not throw tech into gravity’s clutches is one that can be difficult to overcome, but it’s a cool feature.

The drone’s camera captures images at a resolution of 640×480 and footage is stored on a 2GB micro USB which comes included. Due to the addition of the camera, the 7-8 minute flight time of the original Pico drone is reduced to 3-4 minutes in this version, but with it only taking half an hour for it to fully charge, you’re not left waiting for too long.

The Skeye nano camera drone is exclusive to Firebox in the UK and costs £59.99 with free delivery. If you’re looking for a nimble camera drone that won’t break the bank and you can easily throw into your bag to take on an adventure, this is one that’s probably worth considering.