Geeky find of the week: Portal bookends

This would be an interesting way to read a book

Books are almost like a portal into another world and there’s really no better way to show this than with these Portal-inspired bookends. Whether they’re holding together your sci-fi collection, you library of videogames, or your Aperture Science Lab employee manual it’s safe to say the test subject going through these portals is going to have an easier time than Chell. Make sure you give them cake and grief counselling all the same.

These official Portal bookends can be found on ThinkGeek. They’re usually $29.99 (around £21) but we’ve come across them when they’re 50% off so they’re currently available for $14.99 (around £10.50) so it’s buy one portal get one free really. Delivery to the UK is £25 which is a lot for shipping, so it’s probably just as well the bookends themselves are on sale. They’re made from a durable aluminium with non-slip rubber padding on the base, so they should be able to comfortably support even hardback books.

Images via ThinkGeek