The 10 Instagram accounts you need to follow for achievable fitspiration


The end of January’s in sight, which means you’re either starting to see the results of your healthy new year’s resolutions, or you fell off that wagon days ago in a blur of leftover Christmas chocolate and freezing nights rendering after-work gym trips too damn unappealing. Whether you need the motivation to keep up the good work, or a little nudge back in the right direction, get these accounts on your Instagram feed for a healthy and manageable dose of fitspiration.

1. Nude_YogaGirl

Flexy has never looked so sexy. The anonymous Nude Yoga Girl shows you exactly what the human body is capable of with a gorgeous new black and white pose every day, alongside lots of motivational help and advice to get you building your flexibility.

2. AnnaVictoria

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Anna Victoria is the creator of The Fit Body Guides diet and training plans, but her Insta is chock-a-block with simple strength and flexibility building exercises you can do at home, plus loads of before and after body shots from her followers showing what’s possible when you put your mind to it.

3. mynameisjessamyn

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Reckon you don’t have the right body shape for yoga? You could not be more wrong. Curvy yoga teacher and self-billed fat femme Jessamyn can contort into the most amazing poses without a rib in sight. Follow her for amazing insight into physical strength and self-love.

4. yoga_girl

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Picture of health Rachel Brathen teaches yoga around the world, so you’ll probably get a hefty dose of wanderlust as well as serious stretch envy. And forget about bowls of carrots and hideous green smoothies, Rachel’s all about stunning sunsets, glasses of wine and adorable puppies.

5. Blogilates

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Creator of POP Pilates and one of the top 25 health and fitness influencers around the world, Cassey Ho’s Insta makes Pilates into a fun, heart-pumping workout with simple poses and easy-to-follow video tutorials you can do at home, plus loads of yummy recipes for healthy snacks and treats.

6. Kayla_Itsines

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Kayla is the creator of the #BBG – Bikini Body Guides – and at 4.3m followers hers is one of the most popular fitness Instagram accounts ever. Be prepared for a lot of envy-inducing ab selfies, but you’ll also get loads of practical fitness advice, inspirational health quotes and before and after shots from her followers that prove her methods really pay off.

7. nicolewinhoffer

If you can’t get your head around those people whose whole lives revolve around fitness, follow Nicole Winhoffer. Far from a health-obsessed gym bunny, this self-styled ‘fitness artist’ incorporates exercise into every aspect of her life and has the most fun ever doing it.

8. lungesandlycra

The website for women who like sweating, fitness and ‘the odd nip of gin’, Lunges and Lycra is a totally down-to-Earth take on healthy living for those who want to keep fit without saying sayonara to their social lives.

9. krystalcantu

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Despite losing her arm in a car accident as a teenager, crossfit athlete Krystal can lift a 210lb bar above her head and takes on even the best two-armed weightlifters on the reg. Her Insta tracks her amazing career progress and yes, probably will make you feel a guilty for complaining about achy muscles after the gym.

10. Shauna_Harrison

w o r k. #ilovemyjob #zenrez #boxing #downtownla #undoordinary #lifeseeker ?: @alvinholden8020 for @zenrezfitness A photo posted by Shauna Harrison, PhD (@shauna_harrison) on

Running, boxing, pilates, hip hop… this girl does it all and makes it look like a blast. Shauna takes a pretty no-nonsense approach to fitness, posting loads of great tutorials, personal progress shots and constant reminders to her followers that they’re all dope AF.

Go forth, follow and be fit. You can do it.

Main image: iStock/annebaek