7 features we’d like to see in the iPhone 7

Seriously, what is the point of a 16GB phone?

^ Not the iPhone 7, obviously

It’s that time of the year when new iPhone rumours are everywhere, and as an Apple fanatic, I’m equally excited and scared about all the different things I’m hearing. As we said in our iPhone 6S review, theĀ real differences in iPhones come when the numbers change, and because this year is (hopefully) going to see the release of the iPhone 7 (although perhaps the iPhone 6C will be announced first or at the same time), now is the time for anyone who’s considering an iPhone upgrade to start saving up. And while we’ve all heard that horrifying rumour that the headphone jack might be replaced by wireless earpodsĀ in the iPhone 7 (please don’t let it be true), here are 7 things that we actuallyĀ want to see in the iPhone 7.

7. More RAM

Image: Samsung

Both the iPhone 6 and 6S only have 2GB of RAM, which is embarrassing (to the point where it’s not even on Apple’s official Tech Specs page). To put this into perspective, the Galaxy S4 had 2GB of RAMĀ in 2013; among the more recent phones,Ā theĀ Google Nexus 6P has 3GB,Ā theĀ Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has 4. While I’m happy with the performance on my iPhone 6S, I reckon I’d relish the difference that even an extra gig of RAM would make. Bottom line is that both we and Apple know 2GB of RAM is too low for a new phone,Ā so let’s do something about that, eh?

6. Higher resolution display

Image: Sony

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have resolutions of 326 ppi and 401Ā ppi respectively, and both have retina HD displays. Considering that many of the top Androids now have quad HD displays (and the Xperia Z5 Premium even has 4K), we’re expecting something similarĀ from Apple. The 4K videos taken on the latest iPhones are beautiful – we’d like to see them on a screen that measures up.

5. Curved screen

Image: Samsung

While a lot of people areĀ still on the fence about Samsung’s curved screens,Ā a lot of people seem to love them, and weĀ don’t see how they could detract from the overall experience. AsĀ we saidĀ in our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus review, curved screens lend a vignette effect to photos and videos,Ā which is a cool bonus.

At the end of the day, this is merely an aesthetic preference, but thatĀ isn’t an unacceptableĀ requestĀ considering that today’s top phones have to both lookĀ and perform well. Looking good is something Apple usually excels at – it’s unusual to see them lettingĀ Samsung lead the charge.

4. Better camera(s)

Image: iStock/LeoAlien

4K video is amazing, sure, but the Sony Xperia line’s had that for years. We want more out of our cameras.Ā The biggest issue that we have with the iPhone 6S camera is its poor performance in low-light settings: photos look grainy and watercolour-ish, and we’d like to consistently take greatĀ photos without heavily relying on the flash.

Additionally, although theĀ iPhone selfie camera is on par with mostĀ high-endĀ selfie cameras, we don’t want iPhones that are as good as their Android competition. We want better. Apple, we want you to give us more amazingĀ front and rear-facing cameras so our selfies are as stunning as we know they can beĀ ?.

3. MinimumĀ 32GB storage

Image: iStock/hocus-focus

Pretty much everyone laughed when Apple announced that the baseline storage for the last batch of iPhones was 16GB, and rightly so, especially after they boasted aboutĀ 4K and Live Photos. Unless you’re someone who rarely takes photos and/or videos (or instantly transfers them elsewhere), 16GB is going to run outĀ fast. No comparable smartphone comes in 16GB without microSD, because there is no point. Really, Apple, just get rid of it.

2.Ā Expandable storage

Image: Flickr Creative Commons, by Cheon Fong Liew

If Apple is intent on keeping a 16GB option, then they need to include some form of expandable storage. While there have been different guesses as to why the 16GB phone stillĀ exists ā€” includingĀ thatĀ Apple are manipulative consumerists who knowĀ you’ll pay extra for the next bigger phone, or because they want to push their iCloud storageĀ ā€” it’s disingenuous to consumers, especially those who don’t understand what they’re getting.

For those who can’t really afford more than the 16GB option (and who consequently can’t afford extra iCloud storage either) but still want an iPhone, havingĀ the ability toĀ store things on an SD card is essential if your smartphone is going to function like, well, a smartphone.

1. Wireless charging

Image: iStock/George Clerk

I’ve long pledged allegiance to Apple over any Android, but it’s tough to explain my life choices when my mum’s Samsung S6 Edge can be charged simply by placing it down onto a wireless charging base while I’m hanging over the edge of my bed because that’s as far as my charging cable extends.

My heart breaksĀ with envy when I see beautiful bambooĀ charging padsĀ and even entire pieces of furniture that wirelessly chargeĀ everything from Samsung to Microsoft, butĀ not iPhones. Apple gods, if you give us nothing else, please give us wireless charging so we can use fancy charging tables as well.

Main image Ā© Apple