This app will choose your next outfit

Would you trust an algorithm with your style?

Remember the scene in Clueless when Cher uses a computer to select her outfit? She digitises all her clothes and the computer makes suitable suggestions. A new app aims to remove the stress from choosing your outfit and suggest great combos you had never considered before. Cluise, created by Proposal Invest Ltd corp, scans all your clothes and gives you advice for your next outfit. I was wary about trusting my smartphone to choose my outfit but I was pleasantly surprised.

The monotonous part of using Cluise is scanning your wardrobe for the first time. The app takes pictures and records important details such as their hue and shape. Algorithms smartly categorise clothing items based on shape and I’ve found it has worked perfectly so far with about 15 items. The smartest feature is that Cluise uses real-time weather data to make suggestions that are suitable. Unfortunately it won’t let you choose an activity. It always seems to suggest decent combos but I’m not going to wear the same outfits for every occasion.

Cluise has a social aspect to it as users can model the app’s suggestions and show off their latest looks. As good as the app is at making clever suggestions based on your current wardrobe, it’s nice to see what others are wearing. The app’s algorithms seem to be working well, but sometimes the best inspiration comes from human creativity. Actually, I would go as far as to say I trust the ideas of other users more than the app’s. The beauty of Cluise is that it comes up with sensible combinations that I’d never usually consider, does it instantly, only uses clothing it knows I own, and thinks about the weather. The creators promise that the next update will suggest purchases that will improve your collection.

Cluise is available for free on iOS and Android. The iOS version is compatible with the Apple Watch.

Main image © Proposal Invest Ltd corp