How to type emojis on your computer

On Macs and/or PCs ?

Everyone loves emojis. From “word of the year” ? to the ones you use for sexytime, there are so many emojis that we’ve had to do not one, but two guides to using them correctly. But while it’s easy to use them on your phone, it’s not so obvious how to type emojis on a computer.

Here’s how to get all your favourites (*cough* aubergine *cough*) on a Mac or a PC.

How to type emojis on a Mac

1. In any window/text box, press “Control + Command + Space bar” and a window will pop up with a selection of “Characters,” including emojis.

Note: This is only for Macs with OS 10.9 Mavericks and later. For OS X 10.7 or 10.8, the shortcut is “Command + Option + T.”

2. If you click on “Emoji,” you’ll be able to choose from 8 categories to quickly get to what you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can even search for the emoji you’re looking for by typing the description in the Search box.

How to type emojis on a PC

1. Check if you already have Touch Keyboard enabled on your PC. To do this, see if there’s a keyboard icon on the bottom right of your taskbar.

If so, skip to Step 3.

If not, go to Step 2.

2. Right-click on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, select “Toolbars,” and select “Show Touch Keyboard.” In some cases (like in the picture below), you won’t need to actually click on “Toolbars” as the “Show Touch Keyboard” button will already be there; if this happens, just select it so there’s a tick beside it.

Close the selection screen. There should now be a little keyboard icon at the bottom right of your taskbar.

3. Click the keyboard icon, and click the smiley face (beside the Ctrl button) on the keyboard that pops up.

3. Although the range of emojis on the PC isn’t as extensive as on Apple devices, this might be a quicker alternative to the usual copying and pasting. We tried it out via Facebook on a Mac and a PC, and it seems that for the most part, it’s the newer emojis that aren’t available (and that actually don’t show up on a PC anyway).

If all else fails

Go to Emojipedia, find the one you want, copy and paste. Boom.

Main image © gillesd