This Kickstarter wants to turn your old games cartridges into art

Some games are so good they deserve to be framed

If you’ve been gaming a long time, chances are you’ve gone through cartridges for everything from Nintendo 64 to Gameboy, before moving onto discs for every system since your first Playstation. Despite unrelenting obsolescence, planned or natural, making it highly unlikely that we’ll ever get the chance to play these old games on their original systems again, it can be hard to let them go. We forge an emotional connection to the games we play and old cartridges hold memories as well as software; they can be the ultimate nostalgia. I’m finding getting rid of my old games especially difficult now that sales are turning increasingly towards downloads and streaming, as though my holding onto my gaming relics will somehow stop the natural decline of physical games.

But hoarding boxes and boxes of old games isn’t exactly convenient because as living spaces shrink and house prices balloon, you really feel like you’re paying for every square inch of your home and realistically it’s becoming harder to justify the space they take up. Which is why we like the idea behind Linked to the Wall.

Linked to the Wall is a company that will take your old games and create custom wall mounts for them, so that instead of hiding your most cherished cartridges you can display them with pride and regain some storage space.

There are different mounts available for different games meaning your game is secure in a mount that has been designed specifically for it and because the mould is size appropriate, it won’t be more visible than the game it’s displaying. The mounts have been split into two size options for pricing; small mounts for Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Gamecube and CDs/DVDs/Blu-Rays cost $7 (around £5) each. Whereas large mounts for NES, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and SEGA Genesis cartridges cost $10 (around £7) each.

Games can be removed from mounts if you decide they’re overdue a replay or you want to change up your display a little. The mounts come with a few attachment options including wood screws for going directly onto the wall, and machine screws for attaching to a frame, shadow box, or board, giving you freedom to decide how best to display your games. If you live in rented accommodation it’s unlikely you’ll be able to screw games directly into the wall (unless you have a death wish for your deposit) but you always have the option to machine screw the mounts to a painted panel of MDF.

Linked to the Wall are seeking to raise $40,000 for their wall mounts on Kickstarter now in order to fund the injection moulding manufacturing process. At time of writing they’ve raised $3,861 with 4 days to go so they still have a fair sum to raise. If you can think of nothing better than a wall dedicated to your favourite videogame series, you can still back the campaign here. There are a few different backing tiers; you can buy a singular mount for its suggested retail price or you can opt for bundles to start a larger display with $28 (£20) getting you 5 small mounts of your choosing, and $40 (£28) securing 5 large mounts. If you pledge $30 (£21) you’ll receive any mount of your choosing along with an acrylic-fronted display case. Linked to the Wall aim to have their orders shipping in May 2016.

Although they still have a large some of money to raise, Linked to the Wall are definitely onto something with this storage solution; the display suggestions they’ve put together on the Kickstarter page are creative and for the gamer who just can’t let go they could be the ideal way to make videogames art in every sense of the word.