3D-printed Bulbasaur makes the cutest plant pot

New Gadgette office plant pot, I choose you!

My latest geeky discovery on Etsy is almost so cute I can’t stand it. PrintAWorld is selling 3D-printed plant pots in the shape of my first ever Pokémon, Bulbasaur. They’re absolutely adorable. The seller offers an impressed range of options including 19 different colours. We bought green, obviously. It comes in three sizes: small, 80 mm x 90 mm x 75 mm; medium, 90 mm x 107 mm x 96.4 mm; and large, 134 mm x 122 mm x 112 mm. They’re all relatively small so they make perfect office plants, which is why I’ve just ordered one for Gadgette. I couldn’t resist, just look at them!

Image © PrintAWorld

ABS plastic (think Lego) has been used rather than PLA alone meaning it’s light; it looks wonderful with its glossy finish; and won’t be ruined by direct sunlight. There’s a drainage hole and it comes with a small cactus, Echeveria. It’s a perfect choice as eventually it will grow a sprout that looks like the Vine Whip move! Of course you can plant your own seeds and any succulent plants will do. If you don’t want the smooth gradient, you can even order a geometrical-shaped version for the same price.

Image © Print A World

The plant pot, available on Etsy, costs £8.58 for small, £14.29 for medium, and £28.58 for large. The colour and shape doesn’t affect the pricing. Shipping to the UK is an extra £9.29.

Now I just need someone to make a 3D-printed Squirtle for watering our new office plant.

Main image © Print A World