Gadgette’s geeky Valentine’s gift guide

Not a matching videogame controller set in sight

It’s February and that means it’s getting close to the wire for Valentine’s day gifts. We’ve already put together a list of geeky cards to give you some inspiration, but if you’re lacking ideas in the gift department, we’ve got you covered there too with this assortment of romantic gifts for book worms to game addicts.

Dragon scale handbag

Hardwearing, light, and resistant to spears and throwing knives – every handbag should be made from dragon scales. This one from ThinkGeek isn’t, but it’s made from laser-cut leather which is as close as we can get.

If your valentine has a penchant for adventuring, this bag comes with short handles (helping it double as a short range battering weapon) and an adjustable cross-body strap for those more arduous treks where they might need to go hands free. Plus, it closes using a dragon fang loop and only your valentine would be brave enough to try and open that.

The bag is $49.99 (around £35) from ThinkGeek but the shipping is a pretty steep $38 (around £26).

Book rose

If they prefer the adventure involved in reading a good book, your valentine might appreciate one of these book roses. Handmade using a page from a book of your choosing (make it their favourite) these roses can come with or without a stem and leaves, and there’s also the option to customise the colour of the button in the centre.

From the MadeByLlama Etsy store, these roses are £2.50 without the stem and leaves and £3 with them. There’s an additional £5 to pay for postage with delivery time at around 3 working days.


Set up a romantic atmosphere with this Plus One Heart candle from Gametee, because there’s no greater gift in gaming than the gift of an extra heart. The candles are made from soy wax and burn for around 25 hours. On its own the candle costs £5.99 plus £3.50 but for this candle specifically, they’ll also include a gaming themed Valentine’s card for £7.99.

8-bit flowers

Traditional bouquet of flowers? Yawn. So boring. So easy to kill. And what does that say symbolically about the longevity of your love? Nothing good. Tell them your love for them has the endurance of the 8-bit art style with this adorable bouquet that can be placed on the wall, but also comes with a foldable stand for their desk.

These flowers can be found on ThinkGeek for $6.99 (around £5) plus $10 shipping (£7), so not that much more expensive than real flowers.

Zelda heart container pendant

In The Legend of Zelda universe, heart containers are filled by collecting scattered pieces of heart, giving Link the extra health he needs to survive his most difficult adventures. Let them know they make your heart whole and all of your successes more likely by gifting them a heart container of their very own.

This pendant from NightEmporium is available in silver or gold with a choice of necklace lengths for £12.16 plus £1.07 delivery.

Dangerous to go alone mug

Perfect for the gamer, the meme lover or even the avid coffee drinker in your life, this mug reads “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!” because hot caffeinated drinks are essential to surviving any work day. To make it extra romantic you could always try and fit yourself inside the mug and remind them you’ll be with them through even the most dangerous quests. But that has an edge of creepy we don’t recommend.

You can find this mug on Gametee for £9.99 plus £3.50 delivery.

Dopamine bracelet

Dopamine is the chemical released in our bodies when we fall in love and this bracelet representing its molecular structure might appeal to your science geek. It says you love them without the need for garish hearts, anatomically correct or otherwise.

This bracelet is handmade by yhtanaff on Etsy and comes in its standard sterling silver, or plated with yellow or rose gold. It costs £27.18 plus £5.72 shipping to the UK.

Death Star chocolate

Sure you could buy them a standard box out of Lindt, maybe splash out a little more on something from Hotel Chocolat, or you could buy them one of these awesome Death Star shaped chocolate balls from InFavour that are a treat for the eyes and the belly.

The chocolates are £5.99 each plus £4.90 shipping and come in a variety of flavours from the standard milk, dark, and white chocolate to the more interesting peanut butter, mint, and orange flavours. We don’t know why there’s so much fuss about beating the Dark Side, it’s delicious.

Tardis necklace

If they make you feel more wibbly wobbly than timey wimey stuff, you should let them know with this couples’ Tardis necklace. It’s essential for any companion.

Available in a variety of chain lengths, this necklace from RobynLeesArtwork is £8 for both halves plus £2.50 delivery.

Han and Leia chine

If Han and Leia are your relationship goals, you can’t miss out on this handpainted china set featuring the exchange that’s gone down as one of the most ‘romantic’ moments in film history. It’d make for the most geeky romantic Valentine’s breakfast possible.

The plate (£12) and the egg cups (£18 for two) are sold separately and delivery is £3.50 from ToastedGlass. The heart-shaped toast and boiled eggs aren’t included.

Hopefully purchasing that Valentine’s gift is looking like less of a boss battle now.