This Super Mario Maker tool lets you create a wallpaper

For your phone or your desktop

It’s not quite a desktop or mobile version of Super Mario Maker (actually it’s incredibly far from it) but Nintendo has created a website inspired by the creation tools of Super Mario Maker where you can create a digital wallpaper for your desktop or mobile.

It’s not quite as extensive as the Wii U game (we’d be incredibly surprised if it was) so you won’t have quite the same degree of creative freedom, but the tool allows you to choose between the four game styles, which area you want to build in, and it has an admirable amount of recognisable characters and objects with which to populate your level.

The tool which you can find here is entirely in Japanese but the user interface is intuitive enough that you can easily find your way around it. If you’ve created a level that you cherish above all others in the main game, it’s worth re-creating it here so that you can gaze fondly every time you check the time on your phone. At the very least playing with a tool that’s simple to use and doesn’t require downloads is a fun way to pass some time, and we’re pretty sure it won’t be long before the internet is populated by creative creations borne of procrastination.

We’d love to see a tool where you can create an animated screensaver, though. That would be very cool.