Geeky find of the week: videogame-themed notebooks

Keep track of your adventures on-screen and off

There’s something about buying nice stationary that’s immensely satisfying. I’m not sure what it is exactly. Maybe it’s just the illusion of productivity that comes from spending money on something that could, theoretically, be used to organise your life and clear your mind. Or maybe it’s because pretty.

Either way, our geeky find of the week this week is this amazing gaming-themed stationary from Gametee that appeals to our love of organising our lives using geeky things with a gorgeous aesthetic. The notebooks come in a set, one featuring a menu reminiscent of the Pokemon games (perfect for your organised notes), one featuring a skull that kind of looks like Corvo’s mask from Dishonored made up of gaming controllers and wires (ideal for letting your mind loose with creative ideas) and one with travel posters and signs from your favourite gaming locations (where else would you record your travel adventures?).

The notebooks have heavy-weight card covers and contain 48 pages each, varying between plain, lined and dotted paper all of which is 100% recycled. You can purchase the notebooks as a set of 3 for £9.99 plus £3.50 delivery.