6 engagement rings for your significant geek

"I love you" - "I know"

You’ve reached that point in your relationship. It’s time. You know your supergeek partner better than anyone. They’re going to love getting engaged, but maybe they’ll love one of these amazing geeky rings even more.

1. Poké Ball

Image © Paul Michael Design

Significant other, I choose you! Now you can show the Pokémon fanatic in your life how much you care with this beautifully geeky engagement ring. It’s made with diamonds mined straight from Diglett’s Cave (probably).

If you’re saving up your Poké Dollars for this beauty you’ll be able to catch it starting at £1,399.42 (plus £20.55 shipping).

2. Evenstar

Look at it. Just look at it. Image © Mary Nolan

It might not be the first ring you think as a Lord of the Rings fan, but this beautiful Evenstar is yours to give, like your heart.

If you want to give this to your precious, it will set you back £774.50 (it ships to UK but we’re waiting for confirmation of shipping costs and will update when we can).

Then it is a good dream.

3. USS Enterprise

Image © Paul Michael Design

Captain’s Log, Stardate 42286.3. I have found the person I wish to spend the rest of my life with and I wish to make it so. This is probably the geekiest ring on the list because it’s instantly recognisable in orbit around your finger.

If you want to boldly go for this geeky ring, it starts at £416.71 (plus £27.78 shipping).


4. Golden Snitch

Image © Alchemy House

You must be an amazing Seeker because you’ve managed to find a Golden Snitch and the love of your life. The designers even provide a poem:

At this ring, have a look
It was inspired by a book
If you’re a wizard or witch
You could use it to get hitched
In gold or silver it may be bought
but official merchandise, it is not
Allow 4-5 weeks for me to make it for you,
and J.K Rowling, if you’re reading this – please don’t sue

If you’re as besotted as Ron on a love potion, you’ll want to catch this Golden Snitch ring starting at £102.74 (plus £23.38 shipping).

5. Tardis

Image © Art Gems Jewellers

If you’ve gone all wibby-wobbly for someone then it’s probably timey-wimey you got them this fashionable but geeky police box ring.

Ready to make someone your Companion? Allons-y! Grab this ring starting at £274.34 (plus £47.92 shipping). Also available in gold.

6. BB-8

Silver and gold (left). The head actually moves around the ring (right). Image © Paul Michael Design

You love your partner and they obviously love BB-8 (who doesn’t?). This expertly engineered engagement ring features everyone’s new favourite droid. The head even moves around, just like the real thing!

The ring is available in silver, platinum, and various gold options. If you want to get a bit of this BlingBling-8 (sorry) it starts at £707.86 for sterling silver (plus £20.55 shipping). We love you, BaeBae-8.

Should have put a ring on it. Image © Disney


Main image © Paul Michael Design