It turns out Netflix plays a bigger part in our relationships than we thought

Well, according to Netflix

Whether we like it or not, technology has had a massive impact on our love lives, affecting how we meet, how we communicate, and how we spend time together. There are entirely new stages and anxieties in relationships that just weren’t there years ago; is it ever going to be any more serious than sexting? Is being Facebook official even a thing anymore? Should I worry if we’re not?

Netflix became an active part of our relationships with ‘Netflix and Chill’ but apparently they’re not quite satisfied with that being their only role. They want to know exactly where they stand with us, to know just how serious it is. So they did a study to find out how our relationship with Netflix has an impact on our relationships with each other. It’s more of an impact than I would have thought, but then Netflix would want us to think that, wouldn’t they?

The study involved over 1000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 39 and found that for some, TV show compatibility is a big factor in a developing relationship, with 27% saying it was important to them and 25% saying that a person’s taste in shows had an impact on how attractive they found them. 13% actually said that they would ask someone out based on whether or not they had similar taste in TV shows and 58% said they’d added certain shows or films to their online profile just to appear more attractive, which makes me really hope that 13% develop more discerning ways of determining compatibility.

Image: Netflix

Netflix’s study found that it’s also become a marker for stages in a relationship with 51% of respondents thinking that sharing a Netflix password meant their relationship had become serious and 17% saying they wouldn’t share a password until they’d got engaged. I can’t see marriage scams for Netflix passwords really taking off, but stranger things have happened; if they propose just before the release of the latest House of Cards season, exercise caution.

Image: Netflix

Even once you’ve thawed through the Netflix and Chill stage and established that you’re not quite ready to be married but you could be tied in the bond of the sacred password, Netflix is still playing a part in your relationship. 72% of respondents who were in a relationship said that spending the night together watching Netflix was their favourite casual date night activity, although 65% of them had to go through some serious negotiations about what they’d be watching first. Communication and compromise are key.

It wasn’t mentioned in the study, but capacity for Netflix binging might also be indicative of relationship compatibility; if you can sit together and watch 12 hours of TV in your pyjamas whilst eating disgusting amounts of food and still see each other as incredibly attractive, you can take on the world together.

So there you have it, according to Netflix, Netflix is now firmly involved in the dating process. Now you can over-analyse their dislike of Orange is the New Black (they’re clearly wrong) and stress about when they’re going to hand over that all important password and share the £5.99 monthly burden.

Main image: Netflix