Could you be an undercover spy? Find out with this free game

You'd better get your story straight

At some point in our lives we’ve all watched or read a spy thriller and thought “pfft I could do that.” Being undercover wouldn’t be so hard, right? Just remembering a story, isn’t it? I mean, I like to think I’m pretty good under pressure – once I was waiting in a long queue at the bakery and there was only one sausage roll left but I kept my composure until I got to the counter. Only ruined my t-shirt with the sweat.

That’s the thing with claiming you’d be a good spy, though, it’s rare your claim will be put to the test. Until Q, a short free browser-based game that will give you a 00 license and a cover story and then put it to the test. Don’t be fooled by the adorable animation, this game will make you feel the pressure by asking questions relating to your cover story and giving you a limited time to answer.

If you survive the rigorous questioning you’re given a score based on how well you’ve done. Don’t think you can just go back and do the game again knowing the answers – the story you have to remember changes each time. We’re pretty sure you can use your grade to back up your arguments about how good you’d be as James Bond; it’s better than the story about that time you managed to sneak into first class on the train.