Have a geeky pancake day with these works of art

"Life's too short for round pancakes"

There’s no food quite like pancakes. Sweet pancakes, filled pancakes, bacon pancakes, you name it and I’m on it. However, there’s perhaps one geek out there that takes pancake-making more seriously than me and that’s Nathan Shields of Saipancakes. Expert pancake-maker and dad Nathan started creating fun pancakes to amuse and educate his children while they were staying in Saipan. Behold, a small selection of their deliciously geeky creations.

Star Wars

You won't walk away from this one, you pancake scum! Image © Nathan Shields

Come to the dark side. We have pancakes. Nathan has treated his kids to heroes and villains, old and new. They’re so good I’m not sure I could eat these, I’d feel so guilty. Actually no I wouldn’t, I’d eat them all. Highlight is definitely BB-8, who is almost the perfect shape for a pancake anyway.

Harry Potter

These pancakes are Riddikulus! Image © Nathan Shields

If you’re Sirius about about Harry Potter, I’m sure you’ll agree there’s nothing Ron with these pancakes. Except the Ron one, of course.

The Hunger Games

I've got a long list of ex-victors, they'll tell you I'm insane. 'Cause you know I hate the players, but I love The Games. Image © Nathan Shields

I’m sure Katniss and Peeta are sick of bread. All he used to do was make bread. They even live in a place called Panem for crying out loud. But pancakes? Now we’re talking. If eating every single one of these Hunger Games pancakes was the challenge, I would gladly volunteer as tribute. Just be careful they don’t catch fire.

Disney princesses

A whole new world of pancakes. Image © Nathan Shields

If Star Wars pancakes weren’t the quickest way to my heart, these would be. Needs more Mulan and Ariel though. Maybe Princess Leia. Each bun could be another pancake.

On the Saipancakes website you can find loads of wonderful pancake creations. I love the educational pancakes featuring dinosaurs and other animals. There are even pancakes for famous scientists and musicians. Nathan’s a pretty cool dad and his kids seem to agree, obligingly wolfing down their favourite characters and animals. Personally I’m more of an expert at the eating part but I’m feeling inspired. Guess what I’m having at breakfast for the rest of the week.


Main image © Nathan Shields