The biggest BB-8 toy so far might be the best

It has a follow mode, so I'll be taking it to work every day

The toy industry is full of Star Wars merchandise right now. It might be difficult to find many Rey toys, but all the other characters are represented. The hottest Star Wars toy is the Sphero BB-8, a tiny replica of the adorable astromech droid from The Force Awakens. Sphero isn’t the only company offering BB-8 toys but theirs is the best so far despite its small size. According to Gizmodo, a larger BB-8 might take the top spot when it is unveiled at the New York Toy Fair this weekend. Let’s hope it’s better than the BB-8 I saw at the London Toy Fair:

Spin Master, the creators of the remote-controlled Millennium Falcon and X-Wing toys, have stepped into the astromech ring with their own BB-8. Little is known about the new toy and it apparently won’t be available until later in the year; but the little we know is enough to be excited about.

The Spin Master BB-8 with remote. Images from Gizmodo.

The Sphero BB-8 can fit in your palm. Hasbro released a bigger BB-8 but it was still 14 inches shorter than the real thing and lacks many of Sphero’s best features. Spin Master’s is only 7 inches shorter than the real thing. It comes with a remote but will also be the first voice-controlled BB-8 toy (Sphero has some very limited voice features via their app). Gizmodo report that the newest BB-8 will turn to face you when you say its name, will come to you if called, and will follow alongside if you ask it to. You’ll feel like Rey marching across the sands of Jakku.

The Spin Master BB-8. Image from Gizmodo.

I’m already tempted. It probably doesn’t help that I saw The Force Awakens for the 4th time last night. We won’t have official details from Spin Master until the unveiling this weekend but the voice-control, follow mode, and size already mark it as potentially the best BB-8 toy. The reported price is around £124.50, which is similar to Sphero’s smaller BB-8. It’s still expensive but if you’ve been wanting your very own BB-8 then this could be the droid you’re looking for.

Main image © Disney Lucasfilm