10 more subscription boxes you didn’t know you needed

Even more parcels of joy for your doormat every month

From cheese and wine to vinyl records, flowers and period pick-me-ups, it seems there really is no limit to what you can have delivered to your door every month. We’ve already covered 15 of the best subscription boxes you can get through the post, now here are 10 more. Treat yo self.

For green fingersAllotinabox

Image © AllotInABox
  • Annual subscription £59.99

Attracted to the idea of growing your own veg but haven’t the foggiest where to start? A subscription to Allotinabox will have you rivalling Alan Titchmarsh in no time. Every box (100% biodegradable, natch) comes with five packets of seasonal seeds and tonnes of information on how to look after them – there are even options for urbanites short on space. +10 smugness points.

For magazine magpies – Stack

Image © Stack
  • From £18 for three months

Forget the monthly glossies and weekly celebrity rags – for truly stunning magazines you need to look at the indie market which is overflowing with beautifully crafted and lovingly produced publications. Stack brings together the world’s best independent magazines covering art, literature, global affairs, activism and the environment (among others), and delivers a new surprise every month, direct to your door.

For Funko figurine fanatics – Pop In A Box

Image © Pop In A Box
  • From £8.49 per month

With their massive heads, cartoon eyes and heady plastic aroma, Funko Pop Vinyl figurines make for a bit of a leftfield collectible, but a collectible nonetheless, and now fans can get their hands on a new figurine every month with Pop In A Box, which boasts a no-duplicate guarantee and more than 500 exclusives each month.

For a nice brew – London Tea Club

Image © London Tea Club
  • £10 per month

There’s no end of coffee subscription boxes on the market, so London Tea Club is a welcome addition for those who favour a nice cuppa instead. Based on your personal preferences, you’ll receive three beautifully-packaged teas from around the world every month, with comprehensive preparation instructions and tea trivia, so you can have the best brew of your life.

For safe sexy times – Casanova’s Box

Image © Casanova's Box
  • From £4.99 per month

Right, if we can just look past the male-centric marketing and unbearably cheesy (if not slightly problematic) subscription names (‘The Pick Up Artist’ – ugh), Casanova’s Box is actually a really good shout for ladies enjoying regular lovin’. Depending on the subscription you choose, you’ll receive a variety of up to 25 condoms per month, plus sexy extras and ‘random items’ (although it’s not clear exactly what they might be). You’ll never be caught short again.

For perfect pinkies – Nailbox

Image © Nailbox
  • From £13.50 per month

If you’ve got more bottles of nail polish than you’ve got nails to paint then Nailbox is for you. Every month you’ll receive a box of five items containing three or four on-trend nail polish colours and one or two must-have nail tools – all for less than you’d pay on the high street. Follow Nailbox’s Instagram for loads of corresponding nail art inspiration, too.

For curious minds – MEL Chemistry

Image © MEL Chemistry
  • £29.85 per month after a one-off starter kit cost of £29.95

Remember how much fun you had in science lessons chucking various potions and powders together to create cool chemical reactions? Well now you can do the same at home without the risk of burning the house down, all the while learning the stuff you might have glazed over the first time round. With MEL Chemistry you’ll get three innovative sets delivered every month with full instructions on how to perform the experiments, plus the subscription includes a virtual reality headset for your smartphone that’s supported by an app to demonstrate chemistry in virtual reality mode. So cool.

For cult candy lovers – Taste Japan

Image © Taste Japan
  • £15 per month

Wasabi Doritos, pineapple Pocky and avocado Kit Kats – totes the norm for Japanese snack fans, and now curious western palates can get a look-in, too. Every month, Taste Japan subscribers will receive a box of 8-10 delicious (and insane) Japanese snacks including candy, chocolate, crisps and even DIY kits (because Japanese snacks weren’t mad enough already).

Get your geek on with My Geek Box

Image © My Geek Box
  • From £16.49 per month

Every month My Geek Box will send you a mystery box packed to the brim with the coolest geek gear worth more than £35. Boxes are themed by everything from zombies and superheroes to video games and cult films, and include a limited edition t-shirt (in your size) alongside 7-10 other awesome items.

For vintage bibliophiles – Prudence and the Crow

Image © Prudence and the Crow
  • From £12 per month

All books are beautiful, but there’s something especially wonderful about an older, pre-loved book – what stories could it tell, beside the tale contained within? Amid a deluge of subscription services offering new books, Prudence and the Crow emerges as something rather different, sending its subscribers a truly vintage book (older than 20 years) every month based on their genre preferences, alongside other little literary treats.

Main image © iStock/Mamuka Gotsiridze