360 degree video could be the future of makeup tutorials

They're fast, professional, and immersive

360 degree video is one of the most easily accessible forms of immersive video – though it’s enhanced by a virtual reality headset, it doesn’t require one to be effective. Because of the ability of 360 video to add extra depth to the videos we watch it has the capacity to go commercial extremely quickly and we will no doubt soon be seeing 360 videos advertising holidays, being the new way to watch performances we were unable to see live, and the experimental method of recording that important family event. In fact, we’re already seeing 360 degree video enhancing beauty tutorials thanks to NARS.

Teaming up with Facebook 360 video, NARS has released the beauty tutorial of the future which allows viewers to control which section of the tutorial they wish to focus on, be it the eyes, the skin, the lips, by using their cursor to drag the video on desktop or by moving their phone on mobile.

This is an interesting attempt by NARS to breathe new life into the YouTube beauty tutorial, and it’s also quite possibly an attempt to wrest some selling power back from beauty bloggers. By offering a high-quality and streamlined tutorial, NARS are able to deliver a beauty tutorial experience most homegrown beauty bloggers can’t.

A traditional makeup tutorial for the same Spring look could last up to ten to fifteen minutes, with the vlogger going over every step they took to achieve their look in chronological order. If you don’t want to see everything and just need advice on one step this can be an annoying experience of trying to find just the right point in the video. But with the 360 video experience, each section of the tutorial is on a different screen, and then further split into different steps, so that with a quick turn of the camera you can find exactly what you’re looking for in half the time. Not only that, it allows for camera angles that enhance instruction rather than a camera that’s locked in one place out of necessity.

In order to streamline the makeup shopping experience, NARS also display the products used in each part of the tutorial under their respective section and offer a link which takes you to only these products so there’s no confusion about what you’re looking for. This is certainly an easy and quick way to access beauty tutorials from qualified industry professionals and I think we can expect to see it used more often by makeup companies who know we’re constantly seeking ways to cut down the time it takes for us to digest and benefit from the online content we consume.