These earphones pause your music for you

No more frantically reaching for buttons when I finally get to the cashier

Surely I’m not alone here. The queue is taking forever so you leave the music playing, then suddenly you’re at the cashier and frantically reaching for the buttons to pause your music or podcast. Or you’re forced to just pull out the earphones and afterwards find you’ve missed a whole chunk of what you were listening to. Sometimes I think I’ve managed to pause the audio using the inline remote but later find it’s been playing all along while my earphones were out. It might be a 1st world problem but I would gladly take a product that solved this for me.

A set of earphones on Indiegogo called SenCbuds seems to be just what I’m looking for. These earphones use a patent pending sensor to detect when you insert or remove them and then plays or pauses your music. No more fiddling around for a pause button, you just whip them out. The music or podcast plays automatically when you put them back in your ears. It’s ideal and I’m clearly not the only person to think so as SenCbuds beat 5,000 other entries to win an iF Design Award.

Image © SenCbuds

The earphones themselves seem decent regardless of its automatic pausing abilities. They use 9mm drivers, have a built-in microphone, work with iOS or Android, last up to 17 days on a single charge, and use noise-isolating memory foam. There’s a red “do not disturb” light, though I’m not sure how useful that will be unless you explain to your fellow office and gym dwellers what it means. They also seem proud of their gold-plated audio jack but remember that using gold means absolutely nothing for your music quality. A cool feature is the built-in cable management system. No more tangled cables!

Image © SenCbuds

You can pre-order SenCbuds on the Indiegogo page until the 11th of March, getting a 35% discount on the future retail price. The pre-orders start from £31.50 plus £7 shipping. The funding is going well with almost half of the £21000 target reached with 25 days to go. For this price I’m definitely giving them a go.

Main image © SenCbuds