A USB car charger Poe Dameron would be proud of

BB-8 can't repair your fighter but will charge your devices and be unbearably cute

You’re the real-life Poe Dameron. Your car is your X-Wing. Your sound system is blasting out Scherzo for X-Wings. All you’re missing is your trusty, on-board astromech droid. Well look no further because ThinkGeek has an adorable BB-8 USB car charger to give your ride a little more personality.

Image © Think Geek

This BB-8 might not be able to repair your downed X-Wing, but it can charge up to two of your devices at once using two 2.1 amp USB ports. BB-8 plugs into your 12V vehicle power adapter and sits in your car’s cup holder. Let’s be honest, we barely care about the functional aspect of the product. What really matters is that this officially-licensed BB-8 has personality. BB-8’s head moves around and rotates while sounding off the now-iconic chirps we loved in The Force Awakens.

The cutest car charger ever will be available late April. If this is the droid you’ve been looking for, you can pre-order at ThinkGeek for $39.99 (£28) plus shipping from $9.64 (£6.75).

Main image © ThinkGeek