Help Leonardo DiCaprio get that Oscar in this browser game

It's just within reach

It’s gotten to the point now where we want Leonardo DiCaprio to win an Oscar just so that everyone will stop asking whether or not he ever will. Right now, the closest we can get to making that happen is by playing Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage, a button-masher browser game that puts the award power in your hands.

Developed by The Line, a British animation group, the game has players mash their keyboard to propel Leo down the red carpet, dodging paparazzi and racing other nominees in an attempt to catch the Oscar statue that’s always just slightly out of arm’s reach. It’s not all running down an endless red carpet, though, as the game is broken up by a variety of trials which reference other moment’s in Leo’s career, have him attempt to write his acceptance speech, and act harder than he’s ever acted before.

There’s even a mini game which references the serious lack of diversity at the awards by having players attempt to spot a POC nominee. Spoiler: you can’t.

The game is actually incredibly addictive and a lot of fun to play. We’ll find out on February 28th whether Leo will finally get his hands on that elusive statue through his Best Actor nomination for The Revenant, because he never got it in this game. No matter how hard I tried. Sorry, Leo, it’s down to you.