NASA’s retro space tourism posters are perfect

The design team works closely with NASA scientists

Last year NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory launched their Exoplanet Travel Bureau website to show off incredible retro tourism posters advertising famous planets beyond our solar system. They even created a poster for rogue planet PSO J318.5-22, which we recently wrote about. The retro design and scientific accuracy of the posters was simply glorious.

Image © NASA/JPL-Caltech

Recently the design team has been busy creating more posters, this time for tourist locations a little closer to home. The new collection, Visions of the Future, features the original exoplanet posters but adds planets and moons within our own solar system. As with the exoplanet posters, the designers have worked with NASA scientists to add details that are scientifically relevant. For example, the Europa poster features a subsurface ocean.

Image © NASA/JPL-Caltech

The attention to detail in the posters is glorious and I love their presentation on the websites. NASA have even included a web form for checking your travel times. A trip to Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our own solar system, would take 50 million years if going by car. Taking a spaceship that travels at light-speed would take only 4.28 years. “Travel time is given from an Earth observer’s perspective.” Such wonderful geeks!

Image © NASA/JPL-Caltch

The posters are free to download, re-use, and print. Thanks NASA!

P.S. If these posters don’t make you want to experience other worlds, this short film might.

Main image © NASA/JPL-Caltech