Review: Hotsquash, clothes that use tech to keep you warm without the bulk


I am the coldest person in the world. Seriously. The genetic lottery blessed me with not only Raynauds Syndrome but also half a thyroid, meaning my body’s like a house with no central heating. And single glazing. And the front door wide open.

Which makes me the perfect person to test Hotsquash, a range of clothes using fabric tech to keep you warm, unsweaty, and still sleek. They call their tech ThinHeat, and it’s designed to add warmth without thickness.

Hotsquash clothes come in all sorts of shapes, including dresses, trousers, leggings, skirts, even jumpsuits – but I tested their Breton Stripes Top. It’s pretty pricey at £46 for what seems like a fairly ordinary top, and I wasn’t convinced that the thin-ish fabric would keep me at all warm. But it really does.

The first day I wore the top to work, I had my usual business jacket over it. Normally I sit shivering in the corner, hating the air conditioning, cradling a cup of tea. On this day, I actually took my jacket off for a while because I was too warm. These are not words I ever use. I can put my electric blanket on max and still not ever be “too warm.” Impressive.

Since then, I’ve found myself reaching for the Hotsquash top every time it’s cold – which has been a heck of a lot lately, so apologies to my friends for the samey wardrobe choices. But suffice to say I’m a convert – it’s just going to take me a while to save up for every single thing they make.

As well as the Warm Collection (which is obviously the best one), Hotsquash make a Cool Collection for people who get sweaty and overheat. I’m not sure I actually get the point of a stay-cool cardigan, but it exists if you want one.

Probably the most exciting thing of all, though, is the party dresses. WARM PARTY DRESSES. It’s hard enough to find ones with more than 30% body coverage in most places, so until we get clothes with actual electric blanket technology incorporated, this will do nicely.

Not all the dresses have sleeves, which again confuses me a bit – do you want to be warm or don’t you?! – but presumably a warm core is better than a cold one. Again, though, they’re pricey – the silk dress on the left is £150 and the sequinned one on the right is £110.

That puts Hotsquash in the same kind of price bracket as high street shops like Monsoon, which to be fair don’t include magical warming technology. So if you’ve got a higher clothes budget than me – or you just absolutely have to be warmer right this instant – it’s definitely worth checking them out.

As for me, I’ll be petitioning the NHS to make them free for people with faulty genes 😉

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All images: Hotsquash

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