Ubisoft have carved a Playstation out of stone to celebrate Far Cry Primal

At least there's no chance of it overheating

We’ve seen some weird and wonderful things done to celebrate the launches the videogames, but this is perhaps one of our favourites – a Playstation console carved out of sandstone. Far Cry Primal is the latest instalment in the survival series coming this month and to change things up, it’s taking players back to a prehistoric world.

To celebrate this, Ubisoft have released images of the ultimate stone age gaming set up we’d all have wanted to return to after a hard day of riding mammoths. (Please note: there’s no guarantee this was a legitimate Stone Age occupation. But we can dream).

Carved from sandstone, the set up has all the essentials including a Playstation, a TV, some pizza (chew carefully), and a table to prop your feet up on. None of it actually works – circuit boards are difficult to chisel – but it’s certainly interesting to look at. The whole thing is the work of master carver and stone mason Nick Roberson who said the project “was a great challenge” but that he “really enjoyed seeing the modern and techy items come together in this natural form.” There’s also a video where you can see Nick creating the items and it’s really cool to watch. The detail!

It’s definitely an interesting way to promote the game, mostly because the whole thing just looks so memorably weird but you can probably expect a line of stone Playstation cover designs to come out of this.

Far Cry Primal is available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One from February 23rd and on PC from March 1st.